Monday, 20 May 2013

ANI113B Hero Tree Painting

So this is my hero tree for ANI113B final. It was a fun, long and sometimes painful process, but I learned a lot about painting in photoshop (I'm a beginner, actually ^-^), design, and composition. As I was doing this, I saved a lot of my progress. And I look back at the beginning of this project and am surprised at how different it  compares to the final painting. Anyways, I decided to create gifs of my progress, because I thought it'd be kinda cool xD (and I LOVE making gifs anyways lol).

So here is when I was working on the composition and design of the painting while in black and white:
And here is where I began painting in color:
As you can see, I flipped the painting because I thought it looked better ^^ Also I had a lot of trouble figuring out the surrounding environment of the tree (bushes, background trees, etc). Not much of the tree is changed. This is where I had problems with designing the background.

And finally, the final version of the Hero Tree in it's day scene:

And the Hero tree in it's night scene:
(it's better to look at the night painting while in the dark, there are some parts that are hard to see)

Well now time to work on my summer sketchbook and enjoy summer vacation! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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  1. These gifs are so cool! And also the paintings, of course!